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The magic of of the Egadi is a paradise for a thousand ’experience’ of things to do and discover

White sandy beaches, rugged coastline and indescribable colors: the Egadi Archipelago presents itself to tourists, with its beauty, with the three major islands Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, and two small uninhabited islands Maraone and Formica.

A natural spectacle, which captures every nuance, able to present a lovely setting perfect all year, and for every type of holiday.
An excursion destination Egadi means live as protagonists a 'sensational experience, where the sea provides a natural paradise different and to be discovered, food and wine tours, electric mobility, diving, sports and entertainment.

Many other things to do, discover and book :



The island of Favignana, with its 19.4 km of surface and 33 kilometers of coastline, is the biggest of the group.
The island, whose shape resembles that of a butterfly, owes its name to the wind Zephyr, a warm current that blows from the south-southwest.

At Favignana is a must to swim in "Cala Azzurra", one of the main and most beautiful bays, that owes its name to the color of the sea.

One of the most beautiful corners of the island is “Cala Rossa” which also refers to a historical fact in its waters was fought the battle of the Egadi in 241 b.c.
The backdrops are rich in historical artifacts to admire with the guidance of instructors of diving experts to live "a unique and unforgettable experience."

There are numerous coves to see and visit: the lovely “Cala Stornello”, the small island of Previto, from "Cala Rotonda" to "Cala Grande", from "Punta Iron" in "Punta Faraglione".                             A natural spectacle of unparalleled beauty, the pristine beaches and crystal clear water.

In addition to 304 meters high, on top of the mountain, you can see the Castle of St. Catherine, built in Norman times by King Roger – “Re Ruggiero”.

Cuisine "egadina": "+ experience" of delights to discover.

The fish and the typical Mediterranean vegetables are the stars cuisine “egadina”.

Tuna to be served grilled, pickled, in patties, in rolls or raw, and yet the fish couscous, small and tasty limpets, ricotta cheese, and many other good food.
Those who love good food, you can book a journey of taste, discovering traditional food from Mediterranean tastes and flavors.



Levanzo, with an area of 5.82 Kmq it is the smallest of the three islands.
Levanzo is a small rocky island, which offers visitors beautiful and secluded beaches of pebbles and sand and clear sea.

Magnificent engravings with the Genovese Cave, graffiti and prehistoric paintings and into        Cala Minnula, you can visit the remains of an ancient wreckage of Roman times, with the help of a diving guide



Marettimo is the wildest and untouched islands of the archipelago of Egadi. Rich in caves has about 400 is a destination to see for all lovers of nature and trekking.

The island turns only on foot or by boat, and its name comes from the "sea" and "thyme": the horizon is not seen nothing but the infinite blue furrowed by the waves and those who come on this rock of only 12,5 kmq are welcomed by the scent of herbs.

Picturesque and quaint is the small center of the “village” with the fishermen's houses. With the boat you can reach the many caves, including those of the Camel and the Thunder.

The magic of the Egadi is a paradise to discover and book to enjoy a unique holiday in extraordinary landscapes, respect for nature, a sense of freedom.


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